111 Minna Gallery is excited to invite you to their latest art exhibition curated by legendary owner and founder of Seventh Son Tattoo founder, Luke Stewart.  Seventh Son Tattoo is hosting Year of the Tiger, a collective exhibit featuring tiger-themed artwork by prominent artists both locally and internationally opening at 111 Minna on the final day of the year of the tiger—January 21st 2023. The opening reception is 7pm-midnight on Saturday, January 21, 2023. 

2022 was the year of the water tiger under the Chinese zodiac, an auspicious year that comes only every 60 years. The tiger image has long been a popular and iconic symbol in tattoo culture. Its meanings can vary greatly depending on the origin; it is often a symbol of strength, courage, and fearlessness, and when depicted alongside a dragon, the tiger embodies earth while the dragon symbolizes heaven —representing the binary of yin and yang, respectively. In Japanese lore, the white tiger specifically is a sacred animal known as Byakko, one of 4 beasts worshipped as divine guardians. Full of a rich history of mythology, lore and deeply rooted symbolism, the tiger has thus been a popular motif in flash designs for decades, and has become somewhat of a mascot for tattoo culture. ‘Year of the Tiger’ is a collection of the featured artists’ ideas and expressions of the ubiquitous tiger. By centering all of the works on such a familiar image, the artists have the opportunity to give it new life; whether it is translating it into tattoo designs, or creative interpretations of the tiger that are uniquely born from the imagination of each individual. This is the 3rd art exhibit curated by Seventh Son centered around an animal of the zodiac; coming off the coattails of the collective challenges of the last few years, from the pandemic to the divisive political climate both at home and abroad, we hope this show will bring members of the community together for a fun night of nothing…but…tigers! 

Featuring art by: Luke Stewart (Seventh Son Tattoo owner - show curator), Stace Forand, Henry Lewis, Zac Scheinbaum, Victor J Webster, Victor Reyes, Cindy Maxwell, Acetates, Mike Roper, Jason Kundell, Kim Stace Thomas, George Campise, Matt Leibo, Christina Ramos, Andre Malcolm, Trevor McStay, Orly Locquiao, Jared Smith, Miss Juliet, Lango Olivera, Shun Nakatsuru, Max May, Paul Dobleman, Yutaro Sakai, Jordan Cole Wright, Joey Armstrong, Grime, Jeff Croci, Scott Sylvia and Amanda Lynn.