Once again, this year's Nuart Aberdeen festival was another standout program from the Nuart team and curator Martyn Reed. We've written about it extensively, including our review of the festival, and now our good friend and Radio Juxtapoz partner, Doug Gillen, of Fifth Wall TV, has just released a mini-documentary to recap what happened this past April. 

Nuart Aberdeen 2019 featured artists Anders Gjennestad (NO), Axel Void (US), Ben Eine (UK), Dotmasters (UK), Ememem (FR), Evol (DE), Hama Woods (NO), Helen Bur (UK), Hush (UK), Jan Vormann (EU), Julio Anaya Cabanding (ES), Smug (AUS), Vhils (PT). Special guests John Byrne (UK) and this year's keynote Professor Jeff Ferrell (US)  

Click here to listen to the Radio Juxtapoz podcast live from Nuart Aberdeen here