As politicians debate the future of Brexit in the leadup to the UK General Elections slated for next Thursday, London-based creative collective @VoteForClimateOrDie has created an illustrated series of skateboarding-inspired stickers, which depict grim realities of climate extinction, to inspire young people to vote for politicians who fight for our climate.

Photo by @hannahenshall

Over the past few weeks, thousands of self-funded “Vote For Climate or Die” campaign stickers have been given away for free at independent skate shops and skate parks in thirty cities across the UK. “Stickers are the new placards," says project lead Lisa Berenson, who also led the recent Flood The Streets Climate Strike campaign with Phantom. "We think that even small works of public art have the power to drive change. Whether they appear on the back of a skate deck, a laptop, or on Instagram."

“The inspiration for this project obviously started with the old ‘Skate or Die’ slogan. But we were also inspired by how classic skate artists depict dark and provocative images in a way that’s full of humor, creativity, and life.” VoteForClimateOrDie has commissioned the work of Felicity Marshall, Inga Ingūna Ziemele, Natrah Barragry, Liane Plant and Marie Err as well as Sam Dunn, Murugiah, Tomas Ives and Awesome Merch in an upcoming release. “It may seem like a small group of people to reach out to, but it’s a way for us to do something fun and get people talking. The artwork definitely doesn’t feel like a typical voting campaign, so hopefully, that will make even more people take notice."

Illustration by Tomas Ives

“There’s no skateboarding on a dead planet and the leaders we elect have just 11 years to limit climate change catastrophe, so this election really counts.” The limited-edition stickers are currently available for free in select skate shops across the UK, with a final drop landing on December 9, 2019.