Sebas Velasco and Zoer have once again teamed up for another impressive outdoor painting created in Tolosa, just outside San Sebastian in the Spanish Basque country. This initiative took place a couple of weeks ago and was a bit of an inauguration intervention produced out of Zoer's brand new mobile studio project.

Back in November 2018, Zoer spent a couple of weeks modifying his VW van into a mobile studio equipped with basic studio features. Able to store and transport painting material, access remote locations, as well as provide accommodation, the idea was to extend the vanning culture onto street art culture.

The two artists took off on a short trip recently looking for the right location and right type of wall to paint their work. They eventually found an abandoned location in Tolosa where they were able to work uninterrupted and create this captivating image depicting a lonely guy (artist Sainer), playing football in a dark junkyard. The image titled Bernard is a memory of the project that they did in 2016, when Zoer, Velasco, Sainer and Velvet spent some time in Dordogne, France, discovering the nature and exchanging and collaborating their artistic practices. Featuring recurring elements from both artists' works, such as nighttime atmosphere, masterful depiction of light and reflection, cars, portraiture, and typography from the newspaper found on the location, the piece parks a connecting point between muralism and classical painting. —Sasha Bogojev