The first time Juxtapoz met Icy & Sot, they were an up-and-coming brother-artistic duo recently immigrated from Iran to the US and working primarily in stencil art. Yet, in recent years, their work has evolved to an almost conceptual level of public and street art, mixing stencil art with sculpture, installation, and at times, spontaneous acts of intervention. They have become some of the most politically-active street artists today, ranging from the refugee crisis to environmental art ... and who can forget their infamous wad of US money left on Wall Street in 2018?

A few weeks back during Moniker Art Fair in Manhattan, Radio Juxtapoz caught up with Icy & Sot just as the brothers were getting ready for their newest solo show, Faces of Societycurrently on view at Underdogs in Lisbon, Portugal. We talked about their youth in Iran, the big move to NYC, a high profile feature in Playboy, how the Amsterdam-based museum show alongside Banksy amplified their career, and how a new focus on sculpture and installation has changed their process. 

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