The Radio Juxtapoz world tour continues, as hosts Evan Pricco (Juxtapoz) and Doug Gillen (Fifth Wall TV) were in Aberdeen, Scotland this past week for the 3rd annual Nuart Aberdeen festival. The Nuart Festival has long been the leading street art festival in the world, mixing unique themes, international artists, curators and professors into a mural, street art and academic conference.

For the 13 episode of the Radio Juxtapoz Podcast, we sat down with a few participants of the festival, from Lisbon's VHILS, to a wonderful lecture by TCU professor, Jeff Ferrell, and for a second time (!), our good friend Axel Void and Evan Pricco sat down for a special panel. Also, Doug and Evan discuss what makes Nuart so special, the right use of the word wanker and a recap on how Aberdeen has taken to the Nuart family.

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