Of all our trips during the year, we are missing our time with the Nuart family, as it is always a chance for us to catch up on the most current state of affairs with street art and graffiti and some of the academic studies on the art forms. It is also a chance for us to meet some of the artists we have admired for years, and last year, Parisian artist OX was on our list of innovators we were excited to see in action. Nuart had the great team of MZM Projects put together a short film around last year's theme "Brand New, You're Retro," and OX's practice proved to be a great examination piece. 

"The documentary consists of three thematic parts respectively illuminating the way of work by the artist in a public space; the very beginning of his practice in Parisian collective “Frères Ripoulin” in the early 80s (with personal inspiration and life-changing encounters); and his ability to intertwine the studio work and street practice through some theories (like his idea of “stencil in reverse”) as common denominator. One of the most valuable parts of OX’s approach is that he never ceases to ask questions whether they are directed to himself, the environment, or the audience. These questions always generate solutions, brief moments when the city could be seen in another way."

Shot and filmed on location by Kristina Borhes and Nazaar Tymoshchuk aka MZM Projects.