After successfully helping to fund the construction of a skatepark in Uganda back in 2016, non-profit organization Learn and Skate realized their second project in Mongolia with hands-on help from Maya Hayuk, Martha Cooper, and 1UP crew. These projects reflect an ongoing effort to build skateparks and cultural centers in underdeveloped countries with the hope of providing local kids with access to art, skateboarding, and education.

Raising funds through an online auction, Learn and Skate managed to build Mongolia's very first skatepark in the country's capital, Ulaanbaatar, as well as a local cultural center. Internationally renowned Maya Hayuk and the 1UP crew eft their signature mark on the remote area, energizing and beautifying both the cultural center and skatepark. 1UP crew painted murals in the park and surrounding area while encouraging the locals to create their own work. At the same time, Hayuk electrified the center and surrounding structures with dazzling, colorful patterns. Documenting the project with her camera, legendary photographer Martha Cooper was on the spot, capturing inspiring photographs you can see in our slide show.

Learn and Skate is determined to find more organizations, brands, and sponsors who share their dream to revitalize lives with their projects. They currently offer a series of products and limited edition prints by the likes of Martha Cooper or Steve Olson to help fund their activities and plan to release new ones by Haroshi and Tran Nguyen in the coming weeks. ––Sasha Bogojev