Opening June 24, 2022, MIMA, the Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art in Brussels, presents Invader Rubikcubist, a solo exhibition by Invader, the anonymous but world-famous artist who has given shape to the computer pixel with ceramic tiles that he cements on the walls of cities around the world.

Invader Rubikcubist will be the first exhibition entirely devoted to a lesser known but no less innovative aspect of his work: Rubikcubism. The term, which the artist invented in 2005, refers to his studio work around the Rubik's cube, the famous coloured puzzle with which he creates paintings and sculptures.

With this project, Invader continues the work on the representation of the pixel that he had begun with the mosaic by creating real paintings-objects in 3D, this time with the cubes. The constraints of the object lead him to produce works that only reveal themselves to a trained eye. Quasi-abstract at first glance, they reveal themselves to the viewer when he stands back, blinks or, in a twist of fate, looks at them through the screen of a digital camera.

The exhibition at MIMA reveals more than a hundred works presented on the 4 floors of the museum and allows us to apprehend the richness of the themes tackled by the artist and his expertise in the art of distorting the cube.

From the first sculptures to the series devoted to the figure of the villain (the Rubik Bad Men), to the masterpieces of art history revisited in six colours (Rubik Masterpieces) or to his ideal discotheque (Rubik Low Fidelity), Invader Rubikcubist retraces nearly 20 years of creations in cubes.