A few months back, we sat down with Anthony Lister as part of our Radio Juxtapoz Podcast series, in conjunction with the influential street artist's new Netflix documentary, Have You Seen The Listers?. Now, we are looking at his newest solo show, Culture is Over, opened this past week on July 17 at Blackartprojects in Sydney, Australia. The exhibition is a celebration the 10-year anniversary of Lister's No Win Sitch exhibition, opened on the exact same date at the exact same location. 

Lister's shows are always a bit of a ... well, show. He presents his work and the ideas behind them with a bit of bravado, excitement and controlled chaos. But that energy has equated into not only a famed career that has taken a street art aesthetic and applied it to gallery presentations, but has formed one of the most active contemporary art careers of artists we cover from Australia. With over 50+ artworks in Culture is Over, ranging from paintings, sculpture and even an action figure, Lister has once again balanced a chaotic verve with his signature aesthetic. 

For Culture is Over, he writes, "It is said that history is written by the winners. It is not often said that the winners don’t only write history, they delete it too. So what of coincidence and witches, of cults and clowns? Some say you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. A truth (or a lie for that matter) becomes a story told, a story becomes a rumor spread, a rumor becomes a fact, fact becomes legend, legend becomes history, history becomes… culture. "

The show is on view through July 24, 2019