Curated by a Juxtapoz contributor, Composure: A Street Art Narrative explores some of most influential street artists of all time through the eyes of one photographer, Todd Mazer. The show features a great collection of works by the artists side by side with photography, stories, and quotes. The show features works by Juxtapoz stalwarts Augustine Kofie, El Mac, Boris Tellegen—Delta, Shepard Fairey, Hueman, David Ellis and Todd Mazer himself. 

"These are the artists that made me want to step outside and made me want to pick up the camera. Immediately there was a language I found in those studios that transmitted into my own endeavors" says Mazer. The show will be on view at Pellas Gallery in Boston through January 18, 2021. 

Pellas Gallery in Boston, 114 Newbury Street, Boston