Broken Fingaz new mural in Talpiot, Jerusalem was created in homage to the legacy of the great Israeli designer Dan Reisinger. Sampling some of Reisinger’s exceptional artworks and designs from across a career that spanned six decades—selected in close collaboration with Reisinger’s son Ilan who is now responsible for the artist’s estate— The BFC created a permanent public work to commemorate Reisinger’s life and place in the contemporary art history of the Middle East.

Dan Reisinger (1934-2019) shaped the visual language of Israel in the 20th century, he developed a unique style and helped defining the aesthetic of the newly established country, gaining an international acclaim for his work. Reisinger became known for his vibrant use of colours and bold minimalist lines in posters, collages, sculptures, environmental designs and branding and as a pioneer of the 1970s ‘supergraphics’ movement. 

In celebration of this unique collab, BFC will release a limited edition print on August 2, 2022. The print is based on the mural and is made out of cut outs and images from Reisinger’s work, remixed by the Fingaz.