Remaining rooted (pun intended) in his practices of design and woodworking, Jeff Canham in Natural Light at Public Land Gallery presents yet another body of work that exemplifies his abilities to transform what we recognize as living flora into inanimate versions of themselves.

Based in the outer sunset neighborhood of San Francisco, Canham shares a studio space with both a furniture and surfboard maker. It is there where he sees the creative potential in his studio mates’ discarded wood fragments, reconfiguring while reimagining what kind of "plant" each piece can grow into. Alongside his sculptures, Canham continues to exercise his refined skills as a veteran sign painter, showcasing a few pieces that reflect his recognizable handiwork seen throughout the city of San Francisco and the greater Bay area.

Jeff Canham’s extensive body of work truly mimics both the flow of his community and the ocean that frames it. The smooth lines, nuanced grooves, and naturalistic features of his sign work and plant sculptures produce feelings of nostalgia and charm, both emotions that reflect the overarching mood of San Francisco itself. Canham describes his art practice as “bottomless,” motivated by the infinite inspiration and creative possibilities that come about as he makes each piece. "Every time I make one, I have an idea for another" he says. Lucky us.