Thinkspace Projects has a slew of shows opening on April 6, but we have our eyes on Common Ground, curated by artist Kristy Moreno. The show features sculptural works by Moreno and Renata Cassiano Alvarez, Soojin Choi, Brooke Felix, Michelle Im, Haylie Jimenez, Sydnie Jimenz, Gabo Mortinez and Tracy Wilkinson. 

"When I was presented with the opportunity to curate a group exhibition of my choice, I knew exactly who I wanted to include. I decided to round up these artists because they are people who freely share their knowledge of the material, provide guidance to me and others concerning studio practices and they make an effort to think outside of a scarcity mindset. The artists on this roster all come from different backgrounds, vary in their aesthetics and come from different regions around the world. Although we have our differences as a group we do share a common ground of wanting to build a community of inclusion within the field of ceramics. 

"Common Ground includes the artists I've had the honor of meeting within the clay community over the past few years. I'm fortunate enough to call these artists my friends, peers and mentors and I'm delighted to share space with them this upcoming month. Thanks again to Andrew and the Thinkspace family for this amazing opportunity." —Kristy Moreno