Following two 2018 debut exhibitions with Perrotin in Paris and Seoul, Josh Sperling will be opening his first solo exhibition in the gallery’s New York space on January 12th. A kind of homecoming showcase for Ithaca-based artist will mark the introduction of some of his largest works to date, designed and constructed with the expansive architecture of Perrotin New York’s third-floor gallery in mind.

The signature shaped canvases that Sperling has been making for the last couple of years, both in form of strict geo-shapes as well as organic-feel creations, are now taking a turn towards a more minimalist approach. By multiplying signature shapes of solid color, he is now constructing large, pattern-like clusters called composites, expanding his concept beyond towards infinite scale. The mathematical multiplication of singular pieces is forming rich and complex assemblies that are almost equally difficult to create as they are to install and display. While graphic in its core, the semi-sculptural wall pieces are texture rich, with meticulously crafted armature underneath stretched canvas as one of the signature elements of the work. Masterfully playing with the complexity of design and production of such specific pieces, Big Time is pushing forward Sperling's efforts to play with architecture and challenge the relationship between his work, the walls hosting and supporting it and the space around it. —Sasha Bogojev