One of our favorite independent publishers and gallery HARPY (Rutherford, NJ) has just released two new prints sets of Risographs by artists Kate Klingbeil and Panayiotis Terzis

 MG 5196BBB

Each set contains three risographs at 11” x 17”, all hand signed and numbered and encased in a hand-printed envelope, produced by our friends over at Cold Cube Press in Seattle. You can pick both up here

We here at Juxtapoz kindly suggest that this holiday season, we all make a point to support artists and creatives. It’s time to trash that Amazon wish list, put down those fatiguing electronics and give your loved ones something that truly feeds the soul, art. That’s why we have compiled the oh-so-convenient 2019 Holiday Gift Guide!


In Panayiotis Terzis’s set, the series of prints combines free-floating imagery referring to nature, technology, and the tension between the two and cages these drawings between the graphic, technical conventions of printer calibration and registration marks. The second print in the series, Phaedra in the Garden, captures the spirit of the edition:

In this lonely Eden scene, “Phaedra” seems to be walking out of a simulated world, into a sterile, white space. She is surrounded by calibration marks, registration marks, labels and numbering, the name and signature of the artist, and other print marks. Is this part of the image or is she breaking the fourth wall of the printed page?

pan All image better

Panayiotis Terzis, or PAN, is an artist, printer and publisher based in NYC. Born in Greece, he relocated to the United States at an early age, he is a citizen of both nations but knows that his corporeal vessel belongs to the universe. Pan runs the Risograph-based small publishing operation Mega Press while also producing original art and commercial illustration work.

He is a co-founder of the RisoLAB at the School of Visual Arts, where he teaches Risograph printing.


Three 6-color risograph 11”x17” prints on 80lb Springhill Bristol Vellum.

Hand-signed and editioned.

Edition of 100

kate All image

Kate Klingbeil is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY, and originally hailing from across the midwest. Her work in paint, sculpture and animation looks to reflect an ever-changing cycle of the human landscape, and what it feels like to exist in a body that is constantly negotiating a relationship with joy, humor, melancholy and movement. 


Three 5-color risograph 11”x17” prints on 80lb Springhill Bristol Vellum.

Hand-signed and editioned, printed at the SVA RisoLAB.

Edition of 100.