Surreal Salon, the annual exhibition celebrating the pop-surrealist/lowbrow movement, just celebrated their 12th year with another major exhibition and annual Soiree to honor the exhibition. One of the best parts of the submission-based exhibition is the list of guest judges, who in the past have inlcuded artist Ron English, Camille Rose Garcia, Shag and Craola. This year's Surreal Salon was judged by the great Dan Quintana.

Headstand Stephanie Gartanutti anodized and enameled wire 45inx34inx35in
Every year, the judge picks a "Best in Show," and this year, Dan Quintana selected Headstand by Philadelphia-based artist Stephanie Gartanutti (seen above here). Stephanie, who  suffers from multiple sclerosis, explained, "The work is woven steel and anodized/enameled metals fashioned into distorted figures. I begin with a single piece of wire and weave miles worth of metal together creating solid forms. The distorted anatomy chronicle symptoms with multiple sclerosis. This collection of sculptures reflect the absurdity of being a captive witness, living in a body that doesn't function as it was meant to. My hands, face and limbs seem to be the most affected areas by my disease. That theme is threaded through out my work. The distortions represent the weight, uselessness and or pain of MS."

We will be back soon with a discussion with Stephanie, but in the meantime, enjoy some of the works in the show at the Soiree night!