What the Rain Brought at LAUNCH F18 features a selection of fifteen recent photographs from photographer Dylan Hausthor, presenting a beautiful and haunting display of black and white photography. Gliding between what seems like captured moments, and staged compositions, these works create a story of intimate human connection.

Consistent throughout Hausthor’s work is the suggestion of storytelling, always sensing a presence of narrative, but never fully knowing if these images are simply the everyday, the mysterious, or the composed. Frequently shooting in rural areas, Hausthor focuses on the impact of the questions within these works, presenting a brilliant pairing of artistic wonders and vignettes. Like watching fireflies, one can’t help but follow each little moment within Hausthor’s work, following from one encounter to the next in a series of remarkable events.

"I'm interested in photography and bookmaking as mediums of hybridity—weavings of myth filled with tangents and nuances, treading the lines between investigative journalism, performance, acts of obsession, and self-conscious manipulation. I’m interested in pushing past questions of validity that form the base tradition of colonialism in storytelling and folklore and into a much more human sense of reality: faulted, broken, and real." —Dylan Hausthor