Modern society encourages a disconnect with natural order, mortality is feared and rejected. Nature is to be subjugated and dominated, human needs and comfort crucial paramount against all others.

This work [by Morganna Magee] is made a solemn rebellion of anthropocentrism, a rejection against the notion of human supremacy.

Instead, the work presents a view of the world in which the dark beauty of nature must be acknowledged, respected and revered. A different and less celebrated understanding of the world- a trust in a plan that is more than human, an acceptance of life cycles, a comfort that the dark is as important as the light.

This work has been made as an expression of the solace and acceptance I have found in my own mortality. Much like the landscape and animals presented in this work, our human existence forms part of a bigger story, one that began before us and will continue when we are long gone.

Virginia Woolf spoke of the world “behind the cotton wool of daily life”. This works shows the mystical, primal, sublime that tugs on the edges of everyday existence beyond the illusion of a world we can control.'

Beware of People Who Dislike Cats is published by Tall Poppy Press.