Clasped hands, and softly kissing lips, a bloody condom, breasts filled with milk, afterbirth, an older couple caressing each other, a younger couple making love by a window, a pregnant woman strolling through a garden with flowers in her hands, and leftover bedsheets dipped in sunlight. Lina Scheynius' photographs capture intimate and immediate moments of her own life journey, her close friends, and her lovers.

Like when her friend Amanda, a long-term subject of Scheynius' photographs, became pregnant. Scheynius documented the last months of her pregnancy, including her labor in the hospital.

Or Marina, whom she met at a 2014 photo shoot with her lover on assignment for Make More Love, a sex education book for adults. The two women became friends and Lina continued taking pictures of Marina.

The photographs on view celebrate the female body, its rounds, marks, wrinkled forms, its gaps and openings, its hollows and curves, its ability to grow life and give birth, its changes and decay, in gratitude for all of its service and support throughout our lifetime. Scheynius embraces intimacy, female desire and lust, friendship and love, and all of the vulnerabilities, shadows, and pains that come with life.

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