Giulia Parlato's Diachronicles is an exploration of historical space, a fictional container where a collection of evidence gives rise to the fantastical. Within this realm, attempts to reconstruct the past encounter phantasmal gaps, generating, using, burying, unearthing, transporting, and relocating things.

The nomadic and fragmentary nature of these remnants reveals how the movement, transformation, and misinterpretation of objects shape historiography and, ultimately, reality. The viewer is welcomed into a world where fact and fiction intertwine, questioning academic legitimization. The artwork delves into the absence of memory and the role of archaeology, photography, and museum spaces in historical narratives. The human body is utilized to imply scale and display objects. Furthermore, Diachronicles delves into a parallel history, replete with disappearances, enigmatic figures to decipher, nonexistent artifacts, and concealed forgeries lingering in museum basements.

Diachronicles is published by Witty Books.