Twice a year, swallows cross the Sahara and the Mediterranean to reach sub-Saharan Africa and Europe. Observing their migrating journey, photographer Edouard Taufenbach (together with his acolyte Bastien Pourtout) and musician Régis Campo sought to develop a sensitive representation of the passage of time, movement, and exchanges and circulations within a space. The movement of the swallows in the sky is the object of a fascination that feeds the imagination. The birds seem to follow a score made of ruptures, accelerations and silences, drawing abstract forms as signs to be interpreted.

This series is an experiment at the crossroads of artistic and scientific uses of photographic and musical mediums. Between formal rigor and subjective narration, the research deploys an approach where the swallow in flight, representing a vector of force, gives form and matter to an insatiable desire for freedom with the sky as perspective.

Without ever illustrating each other, image and music chase each other, successively surpassing each other. An acrobatic exercise where the repetition of rhythms and motifs based on the composition of the iterative music dialogues with the repetition of organized images. From one square to another, from one bar to another, from one swallow to another, Le Bleu du Ciel draws spaces of freedom, constructing a feeling of movement, speed, line breaks, so characteristic of the flight of swallows.

Le Bleu du ciel is on view at Galerie Thierry Bigaignon in Paris.