To kick off the fall season, V1 Gallery in Copenhagen presents Compositions, photography by Peter Funch

The exhibition revisits and juxtaposes works from Peter Funch’s four seminal series: Babel Tales (2006 – 2011), Last Flight (2012 – 2014), 42nd and Vanderbilt (2007 – 2016), and The Imperfect Atlas (2013 – 2019). Intertwining narratives and compositional strategies from the past 20 years of Funch’s practice, the collocation of the four series nourishes interesting conversations, reflections and questions regarding humanity, the Anthropocene epoch, storytelling, point of view, photography as medium, time and existence.

Books, catalogues, and journals rooted in the four projects are also on view in the exhibition. In celebration of the presentation, eight works from the Babel Tales series will be available for the first time in a smaller size, in a limited edition.