"Wrestling with issues of memory, place, and identity I see my life as a narrative and my photography as its expression. My art gives visual voice to my personal and collective memories. It is inside ordinary moments where I find windows into larger meaning. Light, perspective, and points in time are the pivotal elements I use to reveal an interior presence within my subjects as I search for what I identify as the Signature of the Spirit." 

Photographer and author Chester Higgins was born in Alabama in 1946, and was formally educated at Tuskegee University, graduating in 1970. Experiences with his family's church community, as well as with college campus student protests, were formative in developing the direction of Higgins's artistic practice. Higgins's oeuvre portrays the dignity of the African American and African diasporic communities, and this work has brought Higgins all over the world, and to Africa in particular, many times.

The Indelible Spirit is Higgins's debut show at Bruce Silverstein Gallery and will be curated by Carrie Springer, former curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art. The exhibition will feature gelatin silver prints spanning Higgins's five-decade-plus career.