This morning we got a little teaser of Will.St.John's new solo show set for Saatchi Yates in London titled, Unveiling Brooklyn’s Radical Bohemia In A Wizard Of Oz Fusion. St. John spent years studying Renaissance painting techniques in Florence and around Europe. He brings these skills to his community of Bohemian New Yorkers. With a rigorous artistic style and approach to image-making, St.John's meticulously crafted paintings exude delicately fierce character. Reminding us of the French Rococo tradition, his works echo the genre's hallmark traits: a whimsical treatment of sensual themes, deployment of rich and intricate brushwork, and an infusion of pastel hues.

“As an inveterate daydreamer it took me many years to develop a system where I could actually turn my visions into reality," St.John says. "Many, many failures. I must have discovered at least 10,000 ways how not to make a painting. Ultimately, I discovered that the point of art is not to make one great painting, but to develop a “system” that can make great paintings. This all developed in the factory of the mind.”

Unveiling Brooklyn’s Radical Bohemia In A Wizard Of Oz Fusion opens September 14, 2023, in London.