Will Gaynor is a painter and designer living in Austin, Texas. His artwork is a visual interpretation of stories and experiences retold to create an ongoing personal and canonical folktale.

In Gaynor’s solo exhibit, A Hood Ornament For Oblivion, he extends upon his use of recurring symbolic imagery and metaphors, nurturing a symbiotic relationship with nature and the mountain as a higher perspective of the environment and artistic landscape. This theme is realized by attempting to illustrate profound psychedelic experiences along with an understood learning that there are countless ways to open doorways to expose and explore the delicate, interconnected webs woven through time that bridge all creations. Everything is effortlessly touching, creating a massive daisy chain of discernable energy that is absorbed and illuminated by all beings and objects and as it vibrates - everything is at once ecstatic, humming and cumming.

As the come down begins we are reminded that we are living in a state of constant duality - a world where things that once seemed innocuous and benign have become divisive and deadly. The quiet comforts of a forest carpeted in moss turn to dizzy, terrifying visions of hellish fires. Enter Gaynor’s character, “The Cosmic Trickster,” a rambunctious spirit to which the artist serves as the vessel - throughout this character’s appearances we are reminded of the tricks we play on ourselves, the games we play with others, and the treatment of each passing day as the next round in a belief match. The Trickster provides a comical navigation of the intricacies of modern human existence, the paranoid feeling of impending doom, the concept of spiritual death and the reward of reawakening. It becomes starkly apparent that, when challenging the notion of absurdity through art, reality is the most experienced competitor.