Growing up in Detroit is a special and particular experience, one that can be both unique to the city and its specific qualities, and at the same time universal of urban life everywhere. In STILL LIFE, Vaughn Taormina presents eleven paintings which act as dioramas and love letters to the city of Detroit. It’s a celebration of the stories of childhood in the city, from playing with blocks to the constant flooding of the freeway every year, told the Detroit way — honestly and directly.

Vaughn Taormina (b. 1986) is a multidisciplinary artist who was raised in and around the west side of Detroit. He has a background in sculpture, skateboarding, rapping, painting and bespoke animation. In his own words: “From Worldstar HipHop to Cooper Union I’m out here touchin grass” The paintings in his solo show at Allcity manifest the fulcrum of the various dimensions of his work.

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