The Jaunt continues to send artists all around the world, helping to boost their creative practice by immersion in cultures, customs, and cities they have never experienced. After 60+ artists, travel itineraries and limited-edition prints, The Jaunt sent Los Angeles-based Greg Ito to Seoul, South Korea for the first print of 2020.

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Ito accepted the trip in early November, only a week before departure, and not knowing what to expect and without a plan, he contacted all friends and art acquaintances to open some doors to what's known as the Special City. "I was grateful to have been introduced to a handful of people who showed me their slice of Seoul, share a meal, share some drinks, share some stories, and forge a new friendship. "

Soaking up the language and culture while traversing streets of an unfamiliar city is a great way to gain a new frame of reference. From Ito's perspective, "The alleyways that permeate the city of Seoul are amazing; full of lights, people, food, and shopping. I loved exploring with no destination in mind, just wondering." One destination constantly surveying the city is Seoul Tower, a sight soon to become the artist's favorite. "Everywhere you go in Seoul you see the tower up in the clouds perched on a green mountain top above the river." 


Inspired, Ito merges the monumental view with his signature keyhole frame for The Jaunt's latest screenprint, which depicts the night sky and moon, silhouetted by two needle-point pillars sitting atop a hill that overlooks the Han River below. "Seoul was one of the places I always wanted to visit but never got to visit it until now.”

Greg Ito's screenprint is available in three colors, with 75 editions signed and numbered by the artist. Get yours here!

I'm happy to have met everyone on this journey.