This past weekend in Portland, Los Angeles-based artists Maxwell McMaster (featured in the Spring 2019 issue) and Sally Deng opened new bodies of work in This is the Remix and Impressions, respectively, at Nucleus Gallery. The two contrasting styles, where McMaster almost creates digital-appearing works that focus on the environment, Sally Deng creates loose colored pencil on paper works of nature scenes.

This is the Remix is the first installment of new works by Maxwell McMaster that explore the idea of recycle and rebirth. In the same spirt of Duchamp and "Readymade", or Kool Herc and "Break", Maxwell has created a new body of work infusing LP cover art and imposing his own signature style to celebrate these past relics while creating a unique collaboration across time.

For Deng's show, Impressions is new series of drawings about mountains and the ocean, based off of Sally's experiences of surfing, hiking and backpacking.