Following her successful launch at the Turner Contemporary, Margo in Margate transfers her solo show to the Joseph Wales Gallery in the British seaside town of Margate. The Irish artist, aka  Margo McDaid, has not stopped painting for nine years. Working every day in her Kent studio, she has quietly amassed a vast body of work; one artwork a day, every day, for 3,000 days. The demand for her work is just as prolific and she has gained a cult following online, with works selling out as quickly as she can upload them to her Instagram account. “I literally live to paint –every single day of my life starts the same way, as paintbrush in hand I create work all day long," Margot says. "It is my joy and my passion and every single inch of my studio is completely covered with works on paper and canvas.”

Trained in applied art at Camberwell, Margo worked as a community artist and art teacher before moving to the Kent coast in 2010. In 2014, she committed to life as a full time artist and beginning her practice of daily painting. Her work, predominantly female portraiture, is instantly recognisable, with an other-worldly vintage feel; full of vibrant colour inspired by the youth culture of her muse, Margate.

This past weekend, her never-before-seen original canvases, together with new works on paper and hand- painted ceramics will be available to buy for just one day at the Foyle Rooms at the Turner Contemporary in Margate, before transferring to the Joseph Wales gallery in nearby Cliftonville the next day.

Margo in Margate at Joseph Wales Gallery closes on Saturday July 8th, 2023.