A few years ago, Geoff McFetridge began a process where he stopped thinking about ideas. He was pursuing something else; an absence. "Sessions of drawing where I pursue an open state of mind, not meditation but something like endurance, like how you feel while running, where you are open and your mind feels erased. I’m not drawing 'ideas.' They often feel the opposite of that."

The interesting result of what McFetridge calls "the opposite of ideas" is how he makes something that is so complicated look so simple and yet so complicated again. And then, it becomes universal. This show looks at nature, animals and community and turns it all into something that resonates with the idea of instinct. That may be the most univeresal part of McFetridge's works. They have innate-ness to them, a sense of life, but life as an essence. That may be the most universal part of it all. —Evan Pricco

The Organic Interface is on view at V1 Gallery now through Sept 23, 2023.