Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present a new body of work by Austin-based artist Gabe Langholtz. His work, although primarily representational, is indebted to American Color Field painting, focusing on color relations, pattern making, form and line, with a heavy emphasis on the two- dimensional surface of the canvas. In the tradition of folk art, Langholtz routinely employs the use of mundane cultural objects and / or activities to establish a contemporary narrative, oftentimes drawing on humor, parody, and pastiche as tools for social commentary.

"It is in many ways a tribute to the artists whose work continues to fascinate and / or inspire me, particularly the late paintings of Philip Guston whose exhibition, 'Philip Guston Now' I had the pleasure of visiting at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston this past January.

"Through my use of pastiche, I pay homage to the artists I admire while also creating something that is uniquely my own. By exploring the techniques, styles, and subject matter of these artists, I hope to deepen my understanding of their work while at the same time creating something that is beautiful, meaningful, and enduring." —Gabe Langholtz