As the art world begins to focus on Armory Week in NYC, we are gearing up for a series of openings and events we want to check out in the City. First one on our list is Stone Sparrow's massive group show, The Unseen, a collection of all female painters, sculptors and craft artists. The show is a chance to not only get an overall view of the Stone Sparrow roster, but a scope of the current landscape of women artists working within classic portrait work, surrealism and narrative-based painting. 

As Stone Sparrow told us of the story behind the show, each of the artists have been asked to create something that shows a piece of their own personal story—however that looks to them. The gallery notes, "Female artists have been vastly underserved in the art world—whether it be in a gallery setting, in a museum or how they are remembered as part of art history. The participating artists include artists working in paint, ceramic, textiles and in fine metal, wearable art jewelry and come together from all over the world to make this stunning presentation."

Painter Dorielle Caimi created the painting, Scapegoat, for The Unseen, gave us this description of the inspiration behind the work:

"In the case of this painting, I wanted to explore the idea of the policing/censoring of women's bodies; how women are blamed for their bodies or stereotyped; etc. There are three black bands running across the painting: the two lower black bands are meant to censor her body, and the upper band moves across her face, but instead of covering her eyes, her gaze is locked with the viewer, breaking the fourth wall and asking for a human connection with the audience. Her hands are clenched in fists to represent strength and the pink triangle on her belly represents the infinite power and divinity of her body's abilities, reproductive and otherwise. I decided to make her a saint with a blue, stylized halo because I am in total awe of the women who have come before me, persevering through hardship to make my life possible. The lines behind and in front of her symbolize a blanket, woven by the people of my Hispanic/Native American ancestry here in New Mexico."

The Unseen features work from:
Rose Freymuth-Frazier, Shelah Horvitz, Ximena Rendon, Ivana Stulic, Teagan McLarnan, Shannon Downey, Christina Duarte, Daniela Kovacic, Elle Green, Julie Campbell, Hallie Packard, Ellen Marie Moysons, Susannah Zucker, Linda Mason, Lisa Lach-Nielsen, Carolynda Macdonald, Gigi Chen, MJ LIndo, Michelle Avery Konczyk, Olympia Altimir, Ilona Cutts, Michelle Melcher, Zienna Brunsted Stewart, Shana Levenson, Susan Fauman, Pam Hawkes, Dorielle Caimi, Francien Krieg, Jodie Herrera and Ling Ling Moorman.

The exhibit opens with a reception from 6 —9pm on March 4th and runs until March 31st. Stone Sparrow is located at 45 Greenwich Ave between Charles and Perry Streets in Manhattan.