Angela Heisch will always have a special place with Juxtapoz, as her work was in our inaugural group show, RE_ARRANGE at Juxtapoz Projects this past Fall. Her paintings are full of depth and architectural elements to them, abstract but painted with a structure that almost resembles futuristic blueprints. Her newest solo show, Trapeze, is on view at Davidson in NYC through March 30, 2019.

From the gallery: In her own descriptions of her work, Heisch describes the structures as “breathing”, yet existing as spaces into which the viewer could pass.

Heisch’s painting use a limited but vibrant color palette as the artist works through the range of each shade and hue. Though the works use repeated forms, the motifs change slightly, never quite achieving the symmetry that seems initially apparent. There is a balance and tension in each work; Heisch plays with a surreal combination of architectonic ideas and anthropomorphism. Some of the works appear to be plans for some unknown structure or circuitry, others induce pareidolia, confronting the viewer with intimations of faces that stare resolutely back.

The beauty and playfulness that is inherent in Heisch’s practice is belied by the eerie sense of the unknown. Heisch has uncanny precision, pushing the viewer to question the balance between perfection and perceived perfection. Some gestures magnify while others obscure, some forms stand by as silent sentinels while still others vibrate, on the verge of combustion.