Supersonic Art's Zach Tutor has always had an amazing eye for some of the most talented and emerging artists in the New Contemporary movement. We always get a bit of an insider look into his curatorial eye when he teams up with Spoke Art each year for the annual Supersonic Invitational group show he curates, and this year is one our favorite line-ups ever. On October 3rd, Spoke Art and Supersonic will host the 9th Annual Supersonic Invitational at the new Recess space in San Francisco. 

Tutor says of the show, “The Supersonic Invitational has become a definitive representation of the New Contemporary Art movement by showcasing emerging talents and established artists side by side as a who’s who for the coming year. A physical manifestation of my web site, Supersonic Art, these are the artists I find most interesting and most alive with creativity in the world today. They are the sparks and the fires that can give us hope in such despairing times.”

Participating Artists: Daliah Ammar | Eddy Angel | Glenn Arthur | Tom Bagshaw | Kelsey Beckett | Seamus Conley | Alex Garant | Diana Georgie | Joshua Horkey | Sasha Ira | Steve Kim | Rae Klein | Bobby Leash | Dan Levin | Scott Listfield | Sergio Lopez | Alessandra Maria | Rebecca Mason Adams | Mitch McGee | Sean Newport | ONEQ | Joel Daniel Phillips | Allison Reimold | David Rice | Matt Ritchie | Jack Rowland | Kevin Specht | Scott Tulay | Edwin Ushiro | N.C. Winters | Sam Wolfe Connelly | Lauren YS

FROM RECESS: Due to COVID-19 and the upmost respect for the safety and health of our collectors and colleagues, the gallery will be closed to the public. Please join us Saturday, October 3rd at 3pm PT at @Spoke_Art for the Instagram Live walkthrough of “The 9th Annual Supersonic Invitational”. For more information, or additional images, please email us at [email protected].