Sarah Cain loves to let her art touch the ground. It's been a characteristic of her work and installations for her exhibitions for years. Paintings angle there way onto the floor, blend onto the parts of the gallery rarely touched upon. (Unless, of course, your feet.) We have spoken to Cain numerous times over the years in our print magazine, and she has had an interesting route to becoming a regular at esteemed galleries like Honor Fraser, where she just opened her new solo show, The Sun Will Not Wait, open through March 9, 2019 in Los Angeles. And yes, she is still taking the floor very seriously.

In the paintings of Sarah Cain, spatial constraints and material pieties fall away with fearless colors, easily expanding out from canvases into installations which have in the past included furniture, clothing, jewelry, and found objects. A spirited post-minimalist, Cain crafts an abstraction intertwined with life.

For The Sun Will Not Wait, the artist will create a new floor painting onsite prior to the opening along with a body of new canvases concluding with an upward view through a skylight work inspired by a major commission by the San Francisco Arts Commission for a stained-glass wall at the San Francisco International Airport to be unveiled in June 2019.