In Thinkspace Projects' Gallery III opening this weekend, they are excited to showcase Phenomenon, the debut west coast U.S. solo exhibition of from Japanese artist Noritoshi Mitsuuchi. Resembling children’s drawings, or, perhaps more accurately, an adult’s interpretation of a child’s imagination, Mitsuuchi taps into the aspects of youth that often fall away with the responsibilities of adulthood. Drawing heavily on the inspiration of pop culture and ancient art, Mitsuuchi creates work reminiscent of Japanese folklore and European fairy tales.


“I create art that stimulates the viewer’s memory and #imagination by focusing on beauty that may be subtle, yet surely exists in the vast history of art," Mitsuuchi has said of the new works. Noritoshi Mitsuuchi was born in 1978 in Osaka, Japan and currently lives and works in Tokyo. Past solo and group shows have been exhibited at Bill Brady Gallery, Miami, Galerie Zberro, Paris, France; Ascaso Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela; Galerie Ovo, Taipei, Taiwan; Waluso Gallery, London, UK; Gallery Ascend, Wong Chuk Hang, HK; ELIGERE, Seoul, South Korea; GR Gallery, New York, NY; and Ascaso Gallery, Miami.