As the art world turns the attention of the moment to the great city of Mexico City, we are loving what we are seeing from Mariane Ibrahim's presentation of paintings and installations by Amoako Boafo.  The one that got away will be on view through May 4, 2024, marking the artist's first show in Mexico and the third solo exhibition with the gallery.


In The one that got away, his expressive figurations, distinguished by unique finger-painting gestures, take center stage, accompanied by a debut exploration into mosaic and stained-glass mediums. These new mediums offer a delicate transparency and firm resonance to his artistic repertoire.

Amoako Boafo aims to present figures in their natural vitality, emitting their essence through captivating patterns and colors. Each portrait, showcasing a friend, collaborator, or someone connected to the artist, contentedly lives within its frame. Simultaneously, the works harmoniously blend across generations throughout the exhibition.

The one that got away provides a space for contemplation to explore the intricacies and nuances within transitions and transformations. Amoako Boafo's canvases, varying in size and medium, take viewers on a liberating journey, freeing both figures and onlookers from preconceived notions and distractions. Set against serene backdrops, these works highlight the artist's exploration of the relationships between individuals and their broader cultural context.

Amoako Boafo’s introspective body of work reflects his journey in carving a unique artistic path. Through his canvases, he testifies to a life devoted to painting—a loyal companion that never falters. This exhibition beautifully honors loyalty in an art form requiring resilience against societal expectations and the solitude of creative endeavors. Breaking free from origin constraints, Amoako Boafo unveils a beauty and loyalty mirroring the intentional resilience infused into his canvases.