VILLAZAN is pleased to present “Los fantasmas en mi habitación no viven bajo la cama” (“The ghosts in my room don't live under the bed”) an exhibition of new paintings by the Argentine artist and one of the best guests on Radio Juxtapoz, Franco Fasoli, that have never before been shown in an exhibition.

Franco Fasoli (also known as Jaz) is one of the best known and most talented artists in the Argentine scene. His beginnings as a graffiti artist date back to the early 90's, when the street was his canvas and his technique was the iconic "fileteado" of Buenos Aires. It was last decade when he abandoned it to focus on representing the contradictions lived in Latin American societies, their rituals and their apparently permanent instability. In the artist's own words "I am especially interested in reflecting on how subcultures are co-opted by the dominant culture and the market to create a new product for mass consumption. My projects reflect on the paradox of this phenomenon".

“Los fantasmas en mi habitación no viven bajo la cama” is Franco Fasoli's compilation of recent works in which he unveils a new stage of his past decade 's archive. Started by a stock intuition, these images originally created through photography, are about documenting all the beds in which he slept around the world.

At first sight, the artist's practice is not intended to accumulate or demonstrate the range of realities that he goes through while sleeping in circumstances so dissimilar to his artistic practice; he rather insists on how this operation has become a work in itself and has managed to intrude into the nooks and crannies of his oneiric territory. Among the opacity of the unconscious with its rarefied representational work and the desire to rest from the incessant turmoil of reality, what vital oil can spill from this enchainment? Does Fasoli observe and record a work, then rest in it to finally wake up and interpret again? Or do the boundaries between dream and wakefulness become more and more blurred?

The untraceable ghosts that we can't distinguish under the bed but that wander inside us, become a material event in these new pieces.

Absurd scenarios, a mixture of fiction and reality, the historical dispute between memory and remembrance, nothing that we all don't do every day when the alarm goes off to go to work.

Fasoli's solo show will be on view at VILLAZAN until March 25th, 2023.