When past Jux cover artist Paul Insect began to work on eyes, there seemed to be a breakthrough. As an artist who started in both design and working on the street, having eyes on your work is both a gift and curse. On the street, you want the best spots and the most eyes to see your work, but also you don't want the wrong eyes stopping you in the process. The eyes of the law is pervasive. Of course as a painter and designer, the eye is vital. So, as you can see, literally, we are talking about eyes and London's Insect is quite interested in this. 

His new show, Seeyou, just opened at Allouche Gallery in NYC, and is an overwhelming room of eyes with pop colors and hypnotic impulse. What is interesting that in a surveillance culture, eyes are intent, they have a reason to be looking at you, a purpose. But in Paul's work, the eyes feel distant, aloof, almost ignoring you as they look just off to the side. This is a brilliant effect, and one that brings home how much we are surrounded by both a lasting interest and nonchalent gaze. One of Paul's best shows to date. —Evan Pricco