Thinkspace Projects is honored to welcome Mando Marie back for her second solo show with the gallery. Beginning on May 1st, enter the world of Mando Marie’s Tell Me All About It. Pulling inspiration from classic Golden Book era illustrations, she crafts a world reminiscent of childhood adventure and wonder.


Bringing a contemporary edge to the innate elements of nostalgia, Mando works primarily with spray paint, stencils, and collage elements. She incorporates these elements of street art juxtaposed with the familiarity of the picture book inspired world to create work that is both edgyand comforting. Her paintings frequently feature repetitive and mirrored imagery, eliciting a dream-like quality that is simultaneously pleasing and haunting.

As explained by Jill Hartz, the Executive Director Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in Oregon, “Mando is a true original. Her ever-present subject matter – animals, children, and everyday objects – walks a fine line between 1950’s nostalgia and unnerving narratives that call into question our own memories and interpretations of childhood. She does this with a beautiful blend of humor and pathos.”