Susumu Kamijo and Koichi Sato bring football, basketball, soccer, Lucha, and even some poodle to Miami's Bill Brady Gallery, introducing a duo show open through February 22, 2020. Though significantly different in technique and composition, the work of each artist actually contains many connecting points. Whether deconstructing subjects into vigorous patterns and pastel brushstrokes or working with similar bright motifs, each artist shares a bold stylization as their main focus.

Sato bases his bold compositions on magazine images the artist renders with great interest, for him, in portraying unknown people. Through an intricate, self-taught creative process, he portrays figures with disproportionate heads or bodies, purposely flattening them into their surrounding. Regularly re-working similar compositions of football, baseball, hockey players, or Lucha libre wrestlers, Sato's work radiates happiness and friendly perspective while exploring the possibilities to depict the desired subject.

Similarly, Kaijo's oil crayon and pastel on paper works experiment with the possibilities of portraying the familiar canine and their archetypal figure. Using painterly technical approach that results in uneven, rich and matte textures, the artist explores the ways of both concealing and capturing poodles' complex and recognizable appearance. Regularly juxtaposing the poodles against a generic landscape with a flat horizon and circular sun in the background, the dotted patterns, organic abstract shapes, and bold line work finally formulate the recognizable shapes. Sasha Bogojev