In their San Francisco gallery location, SPOKE Art and Supersonic Art are showing The 8th Annual Supersonic Invitational curated by Zach Tutor. The exhibition features over 50 artists from around the world, showcasing Supersonic Art’s unique voice in the New Contemporary movement. To date, Supersonic Art has accrued over 650,000 followers worldwide, illustrating Tutor’s talents at uniting a broader audience online. The yearly invitational allows for a physical manifestation of Tutor’s vision on the walls of Spoke Art.

About the exhibition, Tutor states, “The Supersonic Invitational has become a definitive representation of the New Contemporary Art movement by showcasing emerging talents and established artists side by side as a who’s who for the coming year. A physical manifestation of my web site, Supersonic Art, these are the artists I find most interesting and most alive with creativity in the world today. They are the sparks and the fires that can give us hope in such despairing times.”

Participating Artists Include:
Daliah Ammar | Bael | Tom Bagshaw | Kelsey Beckett | Steven Black | Lauren Brevner | Kaplan Bunce |
Luke Cheuh | Joshua Cocking |Nigel Cox | Bob Dob | Nicolas Romero Escalada | Ken Flewellyn | Alex Garant | Kamea Hadar | Shoko Ishida | Sarah Joncas | Alex Kiessling | Steve Kim | Lapstract | So Youn Lee | Dan Levin | Scott Listfield | Sergio Lopez | Amanda Lynn | Alessandra Maria | Rebecca Mason Adams | Mayonaize | Marco Mazzoni | Meggs | Joanne Nam | Kim Omolade | ONEQ | Pat Perry | Joel Daniel Phillips | Allison Reimold | Julio Reyes | Matt Ritchie | Nick Sheehy | Pruch Sintunava | Bisco Smith | Tatiana Suarez | Juan Travieso | Dorian Vallejo | Roos van der Vliet | Emilio Villalba | Helice Wen | Paul White | Sam Wolfe Connelly | Lauren YS | Zoltron