“We are all hungry and thirst for figurative images” decreed Salvador Dali, who, if he were alive today, might be among the stellar practitioners selecting winners of 2021’s AXA Art Prize, founded by the premier property insurer AXA XL, in partnership with the New York Academy of Art. Dali may not make an appearance, but Elizabeth Peyton, Bo Bartlett, Rachel Feinstein and Peter Saul are lending their time and talent to showcasing American art students committed to figurative art.


Submissions are now open through March 14, 2021, so get going and apply, where 40 shortlisted finalists will be selected by curators from museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney, New Museum, MOMA Brooklyn Museum and the Smithsonian National Gallery. Past art jurists have included the likes of Amy Serald, Will Cotton, John Currin and Nicole Eisenman. 2019 winner and Juxtapoz featured artist Anna Park was recently commissioned to design artwork for an upcoming David Fincher film, and that’s just one example. We’ll be telling you about others in the weeks to come.

In addition to the $10,000 first and $5,000 second place cash prizes, those winners will join finalists in New York for a Fall art show, as well as appearing in a catalog of works and a virtual experience at axartprize.com.  

Juxtapoz was founded by the desire to provide exposure to artists who didn’t have a gallery, an agent or a trust fund.  We’re excited to join AXA XL and the New York Academy of Art in announcing this opportunity for aspiring artists to show their work and professional artists can guide them. Follow us for updates.

Visit https://www.axaartprize.com/ for more information