NANZUKA is pleased to announce the upcoming solo exhibition titled D.D.D by Stickymonger, which will be held at two locations across Tokyo. Stickymonger states that her artistic influences stem from surrealist master Giorgio de Chirico, Balthus, and Japanese animations from the late 1970s to the 1980s, such as "Galaxy Express 999" and "Towards the Terra." However, above all, her primary inspiration comes from observing humans and reflecting on her own life experiences. Her unique artistic style, characterized by a fusion of approachability and elusiveness, emerges from Stickymonger's distinctive sensibility, which perceives the real world as something strange.

The exhibition's title, "D.D.D," derives from the sound of a busy signal on a telephone. Inspired by the transformation of the telephone's meaning from excitement and anticipation in the past to a source of stress in the present, Stickymonger has incorporated trimmed scenes from her favorite old movies such as "Clueless," "2001: A Space Odyssey," "The Royal Tenenbaums," and "Night on the Earth" into her artworks. Through these works, she aims to share the nostalgia of those times with viewers.

This exhibition marks Stickymonger's debut at NANZUKA and will showcase a total of eight pieces across the two venues. Each artwork depicts girls engaged in telephone conversations and texting, serving as a common theme throughout. The portrayal of these girls living in Stickymonger's parallel world invites contemplation of the contrasting elements of darkness and light, anxiety and determination.

July 18– September 3, 2023

July 5– September 2, 2023
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