From the gallery: Projet Pangée is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Angela Heisch (Brooklyn) as part of our program in the former Czech Consulate. Appropriately titled Springs as a way to mark new beginnings, this exhibition opens onto a series of emotional landscapes, carefully composed and rendered through the delicate and focused gestures of the artist. Heisch’s practice voluntarily shifts away from the turbulent, garish and high-speed world we inhabit—her paintings and drawings, a soothing balm for our hyperactive minds, open pathways for deeper quietude and create space for metaphysical introspection. The question of harmony is at the core of Heisch’s work and is palpable through both colour and composition. By playing within complementary colours and theories such as chiaroscuro, Heisch lays a serene groundwork for the viewer to glide quietly into a meditative state. Not unlike the effect of staring into the vastness of the sea, a tender field of grasses, or a scintillating city from above, Heisch’s paintings offer the rare sensation of untroubled experience.

Through the softness of our gaze we become more attentive, sensitive to the elegant gradients and gentle movements that the paintings offer, revealing an expansive beauty in what looks like an effortless interlocking of forms. Like the fluidity of movement, shapes swirl, drift, or evaporate before our eyes, making us conscious of the larger forces that orchestrate such delicate gestures. Tiny beauty marks, wispy eyelashes and jewel-like irises can be found here and there across the canvas. Far from disrupting the fullness of Heisch’s paintings, these added touches only draw us in more deeply.

1305 Pine Avenue West, Montreal