After a couple of years dedicating time to family, Julia Chiang makes her comeback to the art scene with a solo exhibition at the Modern Institute. Her latest exhibition is on view at the gallery's Aird's Lane location alongside Monika Sosnowska's fifth solo showcase of large-scale sculptures.

The Brooklyn-based artist presents Spit Sweat Shh, a new series of vivacious abstract paintings constructed from countless petal-like shapes. Labor-intensive and exceptionally florid, the harmonious compositions feel calming and balanced, accented by a careful selection of tones used to complement each piece and the body of work in general. With occasional dots and circles breaking up the intricate patterns, the body of work has a serene, meditative feel, especially in the rugged interior of Aird's Lane Bricks Space. At first sight, each brush stroke feels perfectly placed and applied, but upon closer reflection, one notices little flaws and imperfections that give the overall work an irresistible handmade quality. As shapes within each piece build organically in all directions, a close bond between the artist, her process, and the finished work is revealed.

Julia Chiang's "Spit Sweat Shhh" is on view at the Modern Institute in Glasgow, Scotland through July 20, 2019.