GR gallery is excited to present Portrait of Dazzle, the first solo exhibition of Shigeki Matsuyama with the gallery and in New York. A total of 15 paintings will be shown; this body of Matsuyama’s work grows out of his inspiration driven by objects and perceptions experienced in his life; like the sense of unease and distrust towards media such as the Internet and TV. Shigeki takes a pictorial approach on how each of his artworks is depicted; sounding off on the vast expansion of technology and how it affects the consciousness of everyday life for the modern living people.

Portrait of Dazzle, curated in collaboration with City of Talents, goes through Shigeki’s process and reflects on his unique concept by revealing the changes and effects that modern technology has on people today. 

According the artist words: “A portrait is a depiction of a specific individual. It became an established style of painting during the Renaissance, and since then, many artists have created portraits with a wide variety of themes. Some portraits have pursued realism while others have emphasized or exaggerated the beauty or ugliness of their subjects. (Source: This is media ”Syouzou-ga”). The series Portrait of dazzle uses facial photos found among the countless selfies and snaps uploaded on the Internet. With a video projector, the eyes from the photos were projected and traced onto a silhouette of another person, whose race, sex, hairstyle, or body shape differs from those of the original, thereby creating portraits reflecting anonymity and the uncertain veracity of information on the Internet.”