Andenken Gallery and The Jaunt are proud to present Where The Edges Meet, a solo exhibition of new works on paper, stone and wire sculptures made by Scott Albrecht during his artist residency at Andenken Gallery’s new location, The Holdout in Alcobaça, Portugal. The exhibition will be on view through June 16th, 2019.

Where The Edges Meet exhibits a snapshot of Scott's brief time in Portugal during April 2019, showing an evolution in style and medium to his unique and signature graphic languages. Building on his approach of abstracting typography, Albrecht’s work continues to reconsider the relationship of message and viewer through a more visual and physical approach. In these series’, the artist has found ways of expanding on his work by introducing new applications and mediums like a series of wire works and works on stone.

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While in Portugal, Scott spent the majority of his time in and around Alcobaça, a small rural farm area near the Silver Coast. When asked what stood out to him, Scott replied, “I found myself being most drawn to the aged personality you could find just walking around. Most homes and buildings feature a distinct color combination from one another which creates a really beautiful conversation of palette throughout the cities and towns. I spent a lot of time wandering, photographing different color combinations and how they relate to one another. I also found a lot of poetry in the messages and graffiti scrawled around. One of my favorites was a spray painted piece of plywood that read, 'triste mas no boa' which translates to 'sad but good'. I really came to appreciate these moments because that character felt genuine and wasn’t trying to be anything it didn’t need to be.”

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Using these experiences, Scott translated his observations into this collection of work. In varying ways, you can find Portugal throughout the pieces created, from the stone canvases found in a nearby pile of rubble, the found wooden frames on the wire works, to the Portuguese phrasing and sentiments distilled in each work. The works on paper speak the most directly to a visual translation of the environment. Each color palette in this series is inspired by the local landscapes of buildings and beaches, while the forms, unlike his previous works, feature shapes being colored in a more random pattern, leaving the original pencil drawing more exposed in a way that is meant to pay homage to the age and character of paint peeling off of a building or tiles that had fallen off.

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In addition to the works created for the exhibition, Scott has also made a 4-color screenprint edition for The Jaunt based on his wire work, começos, which is also the Portuguese word for beginnings. When asked about the piece, he says, “Beginnings has been a theme that keeps resurfacing for me and it's something that I actively try to embrace. It’s a term that can lean into a matter of perspective, but I like to think about it not as the point in which something has begun but as the potential of where something will lead. Within my work, the residency was a good opportunity for me to unplug and experiment in some different ways, but I feel like the sentiment also lent itself to that specific time at The Holdout. This was their first residency and the start of what they are building there and I'm looking forward to seeing where it will go and what will come of it.” The Jaunt's screenprint of começos is available here.

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About The Holdout & Andenken Gallery
The Holdout is a hybrid exhibition space, visiting artist studio, and private residence located in an old farmhouse and apple orchard in Areerio, Alcobaça on the silver coast of Portugal. Set in a truly gorgeous Portuguese landscape of quaint farms, and fantastic coastlines, The Holdout is our intimate addition to the long tradition of considered contemporary art space and is a sanctuary for artists, family, friends, patrons, and neighbors. Andenken Gallery was started in 1997 and has curated over 200 exhibitions throughout the United States, Amsterdam and now Portugal.

About the Jaunt
The Jaunt creates opportunities and possibilities for artists. The project allows artists to travel the world and find inspiration – not just during the trip, but the lasting inspiration that hopefully permeates their entire artistic practice. The Jaunt’s mission is to catalyze progress and feed fresh insight into the creative process of our artists. The first step in this process is taking the artist out of their comfort zone and allowing them to experience completely new surroundings.

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