As Sam Friedman continues to explore abstraction, delving deeper into color patterns, blending landscapes and almost otherworldly haze, he is finally Getting Somewhere. For the last 5 years or so, his works have layered colors upon each other that never reached the point of figuration, but one could ascertain a serene environment. Now, his paintings are almost reaching a digital perfection, optical illusions where the eye is tricked into thinking the works are almost moving. 

Harper's Chelsea is hosting Friedman's Getting Somewhere, and seen together, create an almost ambient experience. The gallery mentions that in a world of screens and digital excess, Friedman's works are a counterpoint. A peaceful serenity in the midst of a pandemic, as well as the rush of life comes back over us like a wave, by Friedman saying we are "getting somewhere" feels like a desired location as opposed to a look at the world itself. These paintings are both an adventure and an escape, in the best way. —Evan Pricco